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os_390.txt    For Vim version 9.1.  Last change: 2019 Dec 07

		  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL	  by Ralf Schandl

					zOS z/OS OS390 os390 MVS
This file contains the particulars for the z/OS UNIX version of Vim.

1. ASCII/EBCDIC dependent scripts	zOS-has-ebcdic
2. Putty and Colors                     zOS-PuTTY
3. Motif Problems			zOS-Motif
4. Bugs					zOS-Bugs
5. Limitations				zOS-limitations
6. Open source on z/OS UNIX		zOS-open-source

The port to z/OS UNIX was done by Ralf Schandl for the Redbook mentioned

Changes, bug-reports, or both by:

	David Moore
	Anthony Giorgio
	and others

1. ASCII/EBCDIC dependent scripts	OS390-has-ebcdic zOS-has-ebcdic

For the internal script language the feature "ebcdic" was added.  With this
you can fix ASCII dependent scripts like this:

    if has("ebcdic")
	let space = 64
	let space = 32

2. PuTTY and Colors			OS390-PuTTY zOS-PuTTY

If you see problems with syntax highlighting or screen corruptions when you
connect to z/OS using Putty, try the following:

- Configure Putty as "vt220" terminal (Connection->Data)
- Add the following 3 lines to your vimrc:

    set t_AB=[4%p1%dm
    set t_AF=[3%p1%dm
    set t_CO=8

Note:  is one character use <C-V><Esc> to enter it.

3. Motif Problems			OS390-Motif zOS-Motif

Note: Seen with Vim 6.*, never tested since.

It seems that in porting the Motif library to z/OS, a translation from EBCDIC
to ASCII for the accelerator characters of the pull-down menus was forgotten.
Even after I tried to hand convert the menus, the accelerator keys continued
to only work for the opening of menus (like <Alt-F> to open the file menu).
They still do not work for the menu items themselves (like <Alt-F>O to open
the file browser).

There is no solution for this yet.

4. Bugs					OS390-bugs zOS-Bugs

- Vim will consistently hang when a large amount of text is selected in
  visual block mode.  This may be due to a memory corruption issue.  Note that
  this occurs in both the terminal and gui versions.

5. Limitations				OS390-limitations zOS-limitations

- No binary search in tag files.
  The program /bin/sort sorts by ASCII value by default.  This program is
  normally used by ctags to sort the tags.  There might be a version of
  ctags out there, that does it right, but we can't be sure.  So this seems to
  be a permanent restriction.

- The cscope interface (cscope) doesn't work for the version of cscope that
  we use on our mainframe.  We have a copy of version 15.0b12, and it causes
  Vim to hang when using the "cscope add" command.  I'm guessing that the
  binary format of the cscope database isn't quite what Vim is expecting.
  I've tried to port the current version of cscope (15.3) to z/OS, without
  much success.  If anyone is interested in trying, drop me a line if you
  make any progress.

- No glib/gtk support.  I have not been able to successfully compile glib on
  z/OS UNIX.  This means you'll have to live without the pretty gtk toolbar.

Disabled at compile time:
    - Multibyte support         (multibyte)
    - Right-to-left mode        (rileft)
    - Farsi key map             (Farsi)
    - Arabic language support   (Arabic)
    - Spell checking            (spell)

Never tested:
    - Perl interface		(perl)
    - Hangul input		(hangul)
    - Encryption support	(encryption)
    - Langmap			('langmap')
    - Python support		(Python)
    - Right-to-left mode	('rightleft')
    - TCL interface		(tcl)

6. Open source on z/OS UNIX		OS390-open-source zOS-open-source

If you are interested in other Open Source Software on z/OS UNIX, have a
look at the following Redbook:

    Mike MacIsaac et al
    "Open Source Software for z/OS and OS/390 UNIX"
    IBM Form Number: SG24-5944-01
    ISBN: 0738424633

Also look at:


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